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 Understanding the Men ....

There are thousands of literatures on women..on their social issues & their psychological problems to deal with stress....( & i do agree women are the only creature that brings fulfillment in every aspect of a men's bro !! always try to keep your better half happy & cheerful )

But dear ladies do you really understand your men ??...i mean really ??

 " The Men menopause (" THE MEN  " O  "  PAUSE "  CONCEPT  OF MALE LIFE  ) " - 

Have you heard about women menopause ??...The 'Men' also experience menopause during their age around late 35 !!..


don't worry, its not physical for men like women but "  its all in our brain " !!..

Let me introduce to natural symptoms in all men around their age 35......& i call it  - 

" The Men "o " pause " concept!! " ..

Now let me prove my thoughts....

After a long journey from school to college... to job... to marriage.. to having kids , we men totally get exhausted...

& till reaching age around 35, most of us are financially settled !!

( ** i said most of us..not all....Smile !! )

Life for us is no more wearing our music earphones the whole more that " tafri time "with our more watching " eye candies " the whole night.....& no more imagining those "great plans" to make money & become millionaire till the next year !!...


Now our " great goals " &  " life achievements "are -

 paying electricity bills...

... booking gas cylinder.

... bike or car servicing

...Job targets

...buying vegetables. fee...DTH recharge...& DAMN NOTHING ELSE !!..

( Hello Ladies !! we are human you !!..don't make us Robo @@ !!.. )

Coming back to the point - The Men menopause !!

Its the middle age when we think ourselves to be left behind our friends or the world...we are no more fascinated by our loved songs anymore that we use to enjoy in our teenage, even with the financial stability we find ourselves to be a victim of same daily routine boring life day by day ..everyday !!

we always want a miracle to happen that let us enjoy our life 'DAILY" !!

We cannot reverse our life cycle, can we ??...

Is there any hope??

Definitely yes !!..

So to " deal "with the men menopause & to be happy for the rest of the life ...." i myself " figured out some deep facts from life & i bet if you follow these, you will change forever & will be happy always!!

 step -1) the answer is the kitchen ( bro !!)

 Daily start sharing quality time with your spouse & children in the kitchen .

 Help her there & learn to cook dishes!!  (i am disaster at cooking, but  i still try )

(Sounds nonsense !!.....but its a fact .... start doing this & you will really start feeling better & happier in your daily life )

There is even a practical fact in it that i figured out  scientifically as well  :-

 Human body is made of five elements -  " Pruthvi, Jal ,Vaayu ,Aakash(Nabh) ,Agni !!

Solid elements bones, muscles, skin,tissue and hair represents - The Earth  ( Pruthvi Tatva)

Liquid forms blood and sweat represents - The Water (Jal Tatva)

Fire forms are hunger, thirst and sleep - The Fire  ( Agni Tatva )

Breathing like expansion, contraction and suppression represents- The Air   ( Vaayu Tatva )

" Physical attraction and fear " are controlled by The Space ( Aakash Tatva ) " ITS THE EMPTINESS WITHIN & most important element to understand & to take care in today's world ''

Understanding all the elements deeply i figured out that Pruthvi , Jal  & Vaayu are really not in complete human control , they are more moved by this physical world & the people surrounding you & your hereditary.

Agni is the strongest element that can effect your space element that is your fears, feelings of physical attractions & the emptiness within !!

Agni can destroy all evil forces surrounding you, the negativeness & its the best stress reliever from your long day work....

now which part your home represents Agni ?? ...  Its the kitchen bro !!...

So from today start spending more time in kitchen with your family than on mobile or laptop, when you come back from work ,you will surely  feel  better ..

Step -2) You can not make everyone happy !!

 100 crore 40 lac aabadi hai is desh ki... apne jaise dhoondoge to jaroor mil do not waste your time in making everyone not waste time even in changing someone, who will listen & understand you -------->>>> find people  like yourself !!

Ek mobile me duniyaa simat kar aa gayi hai one has time now to come out & ask you  " kaise ho ?" stop expectations from the people !!   

    ....Do good & forget....

 Step -3) Try to '" CALL " 

try to call a friend or family ..not just be busy on that idiot social media " thumbs up button " keep pressing like a "      mentally challenged person" without any emotions ..

" baby nice pic !!...

looking wow lolz !!..

looking nice.!!..

& the most emotionless nowadays --> " happy birthday."

- Damn fool... come back in real world!!

Step-4) Buy some plants ... become a child again with your kids because very soon they will also grow up " like you " & will have their own world...... life is too short!!

    _ by kapil verma (Pages from my diary)

    (facilitator - team heartshop)

 What a great saying by an anonymous --

" I do not judge people how they behave with me today...but i judge them how they behave with the waiter in restaurant, because they will treat me in the same way, when i will be poor " !!!!

The world is full of kinds of people...choose your friends wisely !!!!....& when you choose ..never ever forget the old ones ...this is life !! (remember that TV commercial " Har ek friend jaruri hota hai !! " )