Be the change..

People may call you...idiot!!!

Don't worry... its their inferiority complex that is saying this !!

Be proud you can see things CAN think out of the box that an average mind never be able to understand...

You are original my dear ..never try to be photocopy of someone smarter than you..

Be proud for what god has made you there is no one on this earth..who is made perfect !! move on doing  good deeds as sooner or later " they " will respect you for what you are !!

Itihas gawah duniya ko badla unhi ne hai , jinpar samajhdar hone ka " label " nahi tha...

                                                - Team Heartshop !!

Thomas alva edison

" I have not failed 10000 times ...actually i have found 10000 ways that WILL NOT WORK !! "

                                           - Thomas Alva Edison

Thomas Alva Edison a world-famous scientist, believed to be " TOO STUPID TO LEARN ANYTHING " by his teachers .

He was also kicked out from his two jobs for being " Nonproductive. "

He failed around 10000 times before inventing electric bulb.

See.... a person who was once called mentally challenged ("mandbuddhi ") , slapped the world one day by inventing electric bulb & music gramophone...

           & we are demotivated just when our boss say - 

" You are good for nothing !!..."

Message is clear bro... never ever let the world decide you are week ...or you can't do something.... keep learning. keep improving...everyone is differently made ...& everyone is NOT MADE TO BE GOOD IN EXCEL SHEETS OR POWER POINT PRESENTATIONS...

Be yourself & one day for sure .this world will respect you for what you are!!

Albert Einstein

" The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil..but by those who watch them without doing anything !!

 - Albert Einstein.

Einstein was the scientist who similarly like thomas adison criticized by the world and considered useless in his early life, but later he proved the theory of relativity -

E = mc²

This changed the world of science that there is nothing stationary in this world...everything is relatively moving.

& believe me the word "everything" means everything...

# I have a bad day----

don't worry it will move. It has only day depends on you!!

# I failed in exams----

you will pass next time..its only an exam..& not your whole LIFE !!

# I have terrible relationships-----

Relax !!... solutions are still there..the problem is that  we do not discuss & wait till it & resolve -TODAY !!

# I am  not very smart or genius / i may not get a good job or success in business /the world will laugh on me------

 (...Ahhh...examples are above bro ,its only because of alva adison , called a " mandbuddhi " once ...

.. you & me are reading this in  "  LIGHT  " under a historical invention - the electric bulb !!  )

# I earn not much / my friends are far better than me -------

happiness has nothing to do with can buy you things that MAY give happiness..but things are things bro..they are not happiness..

Happiness is a feeling to earn everyday & not to buy !!

Work hard for success..respect satisfaction..give gratification for all you have today  & learn to be really happy within...after all nothing is stationary - 

E = MC²

I got it in my life as -

Efficiency = Mind x (Creativity)²

( & I have filed patent for the equation )

If you want the change ...then BE THE CHANGE..

Come.. join hands with us to make this earth a more beautiful & better place to live...

Its not only the help that you  make ...we need the more powerful asset of you - " YOUR BRAIN " & willingness to understand that you can do something...before you leave this earth...

Calling  all engineers , doctors , lawyers , bankers , business owners to be a part of biggest campaign in Indian history ..." Theheartshopindia "

                                                   I really need you ...

                                                                - Kapil, Anu & Mahi