Question - What is the purpose of this website?

Answer -    The purpose of the website is to spread awareness in society in an innovative way & to help in making this planet, a better place to live!!

Question - Who can become a supporter of the team?

Answer -   Anyone who feels more human inside &... we have no age restrictions!!

                Just fill your name in a simple form & you become supported for lifetime for free!!

Question - Is it necessary to do some social work to be a supporter /or continue to be supporter?

Answer -    No!!  not necessary, you can just be a silent supporter, but we appreciate if you help out someone in need /spread awareness about the information on the website as you may never know, the information that sounding stupid for " someone " CAN be a life saver for " some other ".

Question - I cannot find content page on website when using website on mobile??

Answer -    ^Click three bars at top left for the contents (In mobile view) on home page.

Question - How to see all content of website??

Answer - At left of home page, there are section & sub sections. Each section has a drop-down arrow   " v " ... clicking this opens sub sections of contents.

Question - How to be a supporter of campaign??

Answer -   You have to fill an interesting google form to be a supporter (& it's free for life)

Question - is email or phone needed in google form to be a supporter?

Answer -    No !! not necessary as we respect your privacy, if you want you may contact us on - info.theheartshopindia@gmail.com  for further details. 

Question - How secure is  www.theheartshopindia.com  website ??

Answer -   Our website is fully secure and uses latest web security certificates (Https :/) while browsing. No confidential information is asked, you are rest assured to scroll all pages without worry, as the prime purpose of our website to spread awareness in the society.

Question - why my sent images not accepted /displayed on website??

Answer -   See dear, this is a website to serve a specific purpose of creating awareness among society to help birds that are homeless & need shelter /food /water arrangement at your home /balcony.

So, we will be only displaying received images with " this purpose only " (hanging a bird house / water pot /feeding bird etc.) 

You can encourage your children for the selfie (if not comfortable with self-image)

( मेनू सामग्री के अंत में हिंदी पृष्ठ भी उपलब्ध हैं  !! )