Cyber awareness

We are living in a digital world , technology has made our lives very easy & comfortable...

But with all good things ,even the Devil comes along !!!!...


Yes ,the word we  must be aware of , understand & learn how to deal with the cyber issues by being aware daily to keep ourselves safe .

We do banking & other online transactions from our phones /laptops , and are constantly informed to keep our passwords /OTP's ,banking details safe..

Even if we follow all safety instructions , we  " may " become  a victim of cyber crimes / banking frauds because cyber criminals are really smart brains !!

A computer software hacker is damn more smarter than the software developer because first he has complete knowledge of how the software is being created /coded, then he has to find out loop holes in the software that developer has missed out ...(God !! we really need these smarter brains to work for betterment of the society , help us to get them work in correct direction...)

Then comes in picture a more powerful super brain person  who develops antivirus & other protection software that saves us in this digital world.

But what if we still become a victim of cyber crime ??

" REPORT IT ...".

..Yes report it !!  as soon as you can.

Each single second after a banking fraud or money loss happened ,is very important to act urgently.

Report it to your bank via message/call or email at the earliest.

we have separate cell from our  government also to deal with the cyber  crimes.

Some information we must be aware of & to make our friends /family & relatives also aware :-

#    Report as soon as possible to your bank /Reserve bank of India (RBI)  PLUS  "Federal trade commission FTC to minimize your loss. 

Remember the faster you report , the minimum you loss ...

#  You will feel happy to know that most of the accounts and fixed deposits are covered by banks against any financial loss ,  " if " reported timely .

#  A bank customer has zero liability if unauthorized transaction occurs  in his/her account without his knowledge.

#  Full or partial amount can be refunded if reported timely as per RBI  depending on case and duration of reporting from the date of unauthorized transaction.

#  If the unauthorized transaction is done due to negligence of bank , a customer may get full refund even if incident is not reported by him (the bank is liable in this case - ->technical errors ,software glitches ,or if  customer details are compromised by the bank )

#  If during any online shopping transaction the third party websites /applications  deducts your money twice and you get notification from bank of deduction but do not get refund from third party ,then report the bank within " three days ", you will be able to get your money back of second unauthorized transaction as per terms .

#  & most important to note -  if any fraud transaction happens due to customer negligence that is sharing account details or OTP's etc. then " the customer "  has to bear all losses till he/she reports to the bank...the time you report to bank and even after that more money is deducted than BANK (NOT THE CUSTOMER ) will bear all losses.

So dear friends spread this info to all your loved ones and help them to avoid any financial losses!!

Lets help ourselves & our society by reporting for any type of cyber crimes like bank frauds /E- mail or SMS  fraud links /Debit or Credit card frauds /computer virus link mails  etc...

#  Its absolutely free , private & safe ...

National helpline no. for cyber crime reporting -  

Call  -   1930