Artificial intelligence (AI) - The future of technology

Ever heard of the word -" Humanoids ?? "  

" Humanoids " are the advance technology robots with artificial intelligence inside.

They have human like capabilities like blinking of eyes, walking straight (not on wheels), moving body parts & most important having a brain of itself to think like humans with programmed algorithms & artificial intelligence inside to talk & reply like humans.

Artificial intelligence technology  is advancing so fast that the day is no more far away when the machines will be capable of replying just equal to human brains that we have !!...

Note - i have used the word " equal to ''  ( & not better than ) , because of the fact that , no matter a machine can make calculations faster than human or can run faster than humans or can do lot more better than human ...there is one major thing that these machines will never reach ....& its the gifted emotions that we living creatures only have !!

No super machine , no matter how advance,  can replace a social thirst of WE HUMANS - TO BE WITH THE HUMAN ,as we are driven by emotions not by the electricity !!

Nowadays , there a number of social media apps . You may fool your self , that you are socialy active / vary famous , have lots of friends /followers but the real truth is that when you met with an accident its  only your family / your real friend or your neighbor who is there to to help you out !!..

...... & do you know what you get from your thousands of online friends & followers at that time " An emoji with tears or a crap get well soon card message only. "

 (Wow what a great help instead. I am so touched !!)

I am not saying that you should not use social media, but today the generation is so sick of it that it seems we are not using social media, BUT THE SOCIAL MEDIA IS USING US!!

Ever increasing medical problems like eyesight problems / headache / loss of focus /memory losses etc.  due to unlimited /uncontrolled use of technology is alarming ...

We are gradually losing our innocence of being human & day by day reaching a path that will left us not more than becoming a " humanoid ".


                                     What's the good --->> Hope is still there ...

#  Use the technology for what it is made for - information /communication/ awareness/entertainment...but do not forget your real world!!

#  Be aware of screen time you spend on mobiles & idiot boxes (televisions).... (When you miss to watch your favorite episode on TV, write in your diary how much money you loss that day from your bank account ...if the answer is " zero ", then IT REALLY DOES NOT MATTER OR A LOSS ACTUALLY BRO !!) 

#  Remember humans were happier when watsapp / FB /Insta was not living without them for SOME DAY WITH BREAK damn possible really!!

# Nothing can replace meeting a person - " IN PERSON " ............... 

no matter you chat for hours with those nonsense good morning, good night messages along with some Chameli or gulab ka phool emojies or daily " gyan ganga " messages that you only " forward " but DO NOT FOLLOW yourself!!

#  Moderation is the key my friend live, laugh , enjoy !!

Now  back to some positive side of the technology ...

We have made technology to make our lives easy ..right ...but unfortunately the life became unnecessary complicated!!

Artificial intelligence is the future of technology that will minimize the gadgets in our lives.

The technology is daily learning from the humans ..for the humans ..& someday it will be the exact replica of human intelligence soon ...

Let me introduce to a great artificial intelligence software that has entirely changed the concept of searching something and getting more than a machine-like reply.

Presenting - Artificial intelligence chatbot developed by " Open AI "  

" ChatGPT " (Chat Generative Pre-training Transformer) software

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