Who i am ?

This section is dedicated to the ladies who are married , but are always " underestimated " as compared to the " working ladies " or their working husbands !!

who i am ?

Dear ladies ,

When someone asks you to introduce yourself or say " aap kya karti hai ?

what is your reply ??

You say - " Main housewife hu " ( I am a housewife ) !!

& see this is the first place... where you are completely wrong !!.....

( confused ?? )

Ok lets understand it this way -

Mujhe ye bataiye ke kya aapki shaadi ek " house " (makan) se hui hai ???????

...nahi naa...

To phir aap housewife kaise hui ??

No mam' ... you are married to a "PERSON"..a living person who is your husband !!

So from now onward after reading this article , whenever someone asks you - " Aap kya karti hai ? "

....Proudly say " I am a HOMEMAKER !! "..

The message is loud and clear ladies ... when you yourself start respecting yourself , the world will respect you more than your working husband , who is what HE IS .....BECAUSE OF YOU !!

# Taking care of a family ,being a homemaker, is really tough and actually much more harder than working at office with some excel sheets , presentations , some calculations , some meetings , some teachings & gossiping.

Its much more harder when a lady manage both work & home ...

But in our social society, a working one is given more attention, even more respect ..

this should not be so ...

" The homemakers " deserves equal attention, as they are the one who sacrifice all " their "quality time to gift it for their kids & husband.

# Remember Men,

If you think its their duty ....just flip the role for a month ..take leave from office & try to spend only 8 hrs in their role at home for few days ...you will  surely understand its much more easier to be at office then actually working in kitchen .....taking care of your wild kids....taking care of plants....taking care of your parents...washing utensils...washing clothes ...changing bed sheets...cleaning the rooms...arranging vegetables...bla ..bla..bla..

& its everyday bro.....

woooooff !! ( are mera office kidhar hai bhai ..jaldi le chalo mujhe yaar !! ) ( smile )

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