Teach your kids - dignity of labour 

" The dignity of labour "

Encourage your kids to donate for a social cause & there is beautiful way to do it!! **

 (Buy small things for the needy person or to help injured animal)

...but remember not to give direct money that encourages beggary)

 ** See it works like this :-

If your kids  takes money from you and  then donate , they will never understand the charity and feeling of true inner happiness that come when we sacrifice a small portion of our hard earned money for a social cause.

On weekends tell your kids that if they help you  to wash your car or water the plants , you will pay them say five rupee...tell them to save these five rupee every weekend .

Now this is  "  their " money, they can buy chocolates or toys with all their earnings...yet encourage them to donate a small part every month ....

Do this to let your children understand the dignity of labour  & understand what true happiness is.....

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