" Your loved movies are the real mirror of your heart & personality....    ..spread your love !! "

                                                                                  -- Kapil 

Movies -  you will love to watch

Dear zindagi...

Director - Gauri shinde

starring - Alia bhatt /shahrukh khan

sony music India

The movie is all about loving your life ... dealing with depression & relationships....

A real motivator....must watch this beauty directed  by Gauri shinde..

Anger management....

Director - Peter Segal

starring - Adam sandler & Nicholson

Columbia (sony )pictures /jack Nicholson movies

Do you have control over your anger ??...

watch adam sandler in Anger management !!..you will surely loose control over your laughter..

50 First Dates....

Director - Peter Segal

starring - Adam sandler & Drew Barrymore

Columbia(sony )pictures 

Oh' my God ....This is my all time favorite...

How about dating your wife as new girlfriend each day !!!! ..yes ...i  mean each single day of your life...

...awesome !!

Watch forgetful lucy (Drew Barrymore) who forgets her yesterday..EVERYDAY !!


Director - Nagraj Manjule

Legendary music by ajay-atul / zee music

Wonders can be created without established stars & language boundaries !! Hats off Mr. Nagraj manjule....what a movie.....featuring essence of first love..& an eye opener to  all love birds planning to fly away from home...must watch !!


Director - Aniruddha Roy Chowhdhury

Rising sun films.

Want to see another Amitabh bacchan in lady avtar ??

then watch Tapsee pannu in Pink...

every single second dialogue can have a face expressions...tapsee had taught in movie..

Really acting is beyond glamour...well done tapsee & co stars kirti kulhari ,andria tariang.

After watching "Pink" ..you will feel like someone has cleaned your soul !!


Director - Leena Yadav

Ajay devgan films

Radhika Aapte ..wow.. Dear how many stars do you need for Parshed !!

A story from land of Rajasthan ...journey of finding mystic love and real freedom...

An oscar level jewel from Indian film industry

Even with  some mature content ,the movie is a great delight to see...well done leena for canvasing personal & cultural difficulties of a women so beautifully.

Zindagi naa milegi dobaara....

Director - the super talented Zoya akhtar

Eros & excel entertainments


Its all about chasing your dreams..loving your friends..&....&..&...FACING YOUR FEARS !!..

its one of my favourite...

             ...Dear farhaan..i am really you !!

Stop worrying about life...."pahle is din ko jiyo"...

seize the day my friend...

life is short..live it each day....as you may never know how much is left !!!!

oh' Boy !! ....i can die for that  "enfield rider's lip lock "...

love is in  the air...


sony pictures..

See the masterpiece movie how your social media accounts can trace you ...in case someone kidnaps you...

...but it needs a sharp brain...see how a father finds her kidnapped daughter..you will be surprised to know the other side of your social media account.. 

& my hard damn favorite...

That seems my story too ...

The Movie that taken my heart with its innocence ..

The Movie that is incomparable to any of love stories..till now !!

The cutest of star casts..



Director - Neeraj udhwani

Netflix original movies

watch this movie &  live your love forever...

Missing school love ??

watch -

Jo jeeta wahi sikandar...

Director - Mansoor khan

shemaroo movies.

Its more about love among two brothers........responsibilities ... & WINNING !!...

My all time favorite..

kapoor & sons...

Director -Shakun batra

Dharma movies

Story of love & LOSS..

Great fun...great story...great direction...

thumbs up alia/siddharth & fawad ...

& loved to see you  Alia ...damn great actor you are Yaar..

i am following you from " highway.."

fuuuullll  fida !!!!!

" A movie that get you remember  the sweetest part of ones life... " STOLEN KISSES  !! "  that are always the sweetest !!!! ... " 

....still missing someone ??.

.Ha .ha..its life & .........shit happens bro !!

peepli live..

Director - Anusha rizvi

UTV movies/Aamir khan productions


A story of a poor man ... victim of government policies/media & politics ...

A story about farmer's suicide  ...must watch !!

Grown ups..

Director - Dennis dugan

Sony pictures entertainment

Oh' my God...this is really.. really & damn really a must watch for each one of us ...

Watch adam sandlers teaching his  technology sick kids to live a far better real happy life with essence of nature...

Watch worlds most crazy "RE-UNION " of old school friends with their crazy families...its so much fun out there bro..i love it !!

Grown ups 2..

Lol' ..... part 2 of grown ups is miles ahead from part 1 by its funny scenes every  minute ...

When your mood is down  any day or you become damn  bore from your routine days....watch this hilarious movie & you will again be on track in life !!...

Live..laugh & Enjoy !!

Rang De Basanti..

Director- Rakeysh omprakash mehra

UTV motion pictures

" Zindagi jeene ke do hi tareeke hai.. ek.. jo ho raha hai hone do.. bardasht karte jao...ya phir jimmedari uthao use badal ne ki ..."

....What a line from the writer !!

Bro!! its not a movie ..its a phenomena !!

I really love to watch this time & again...believe me ..i have watched this more than 100 times ...each time with big goosebumps !!...

A.R Rahman...you created magic in every song of the movie...

" loose control " song is a hard favorite..

......& what to say Rakeysh omprakash mehra sir..the director  who mesmerized us ...

...An award winning movie.. great work featuring past & present..love it !!

A must watch for watsapp/FB born generation..how it feels like to choose death at the age of 24 for freedom of the country...

 " The freedom fighter at age of around 25... hanged till death !! " ...

so that  " i & you " can be born in a free country..

hats off  to our freedom fighters !!

I personally feel few words for the great krantikaris  who died for "  us "--->

" Muft me mili azaadi ko humne itna halke me liya hai, ke jisne apni jaan dekar azadi haasil ki,...wo bhi aaj ke halaat dekhkar pachta raha hoga "...

Ask questions & demand before electing someone who will govern you , as you are NOT voting for some indian idol ..but for your future & the future of your loved ones !!

                                      Jai hind !!


Director - Aditya chopra

Yash Raj Films...

This movie is a gift for all of us who want to feel essence of true love...

A movie featuring cultural difficulties of middle-class girls & family respect over strong feelings of her innocent heart !!...

Ahh... i.. bet those who are born during mid 80's, will hard miss their teenage crush..every time they watch DDLJ... 

(oh dear ..do not worry  " shit happens !! " ..may be in the next life follow your heart !! ..haa.. haa.. )

The lunchbox..

Director - Ritesh Batra

Sony motion pictures

"Its the first Internationally acclaimed movie from an Indian Director "

We miss you Irfaan...such a great actor..i can never forget your big eyes ,that do not need a dialogue to reach hearts..they just do it...

& the lady " Nimrat Kaur "...first time i saw her acting and wondered is she really exist other than her character in the film !!...

Wow... how beautifully she played ILA ,the character in the film..i was mesmerized to see her expressions, the pauses in dialogues..no other actress in Indian cinema could do justice to the character like she did..

Nawazudding siddiqui...Oh My God !!

if you search for the " most irritating person " on this earth its - " Shaikh "..the character in the film played by nawaz..& how greatly he played it.

I still remember an incident between Irfaan & nawaz in the film & laugh a lot -

Shaikh (Nawaz) - " Sir..log kahte hai ki ek baar aapne ek billi ko laat maari aur wo gaadi ke neeche aake mar gayi..

ye sach baat hai kya sir ??

Fernandis (Irfaan)  - " Nahi ye sach nahi hai...wo billi nahi ek aadmi tha...mujhe pareshan kar raha tha..mene dhakka diya aur wo bus ke neeche aake mar gaya.... you better be careful !!


Masaan ...

Director - Neeraj Ghaywan

Drishyam films

" Masaan "...meaning ' Shamshan Ghaat'  or ' Crematorium '...is truly a masterpiece in Bolywood !!

# Feel these most best lines in the history of Indian cinema..

" Tu kisi  rail si gujarti  hai ..main kisi pul sa thartharata hu...ek jungle hai teri aankho mein..mein jisme raah bhool jaata hu "

" Sitaron ko aankhon me mehfooz rakhna..badi der tak raat hi raat hogi...Musaafir hain hum bhi , musafir ho tum bhi..kisi mod par phir mulakat hogi.."

If you propose a girl by these lines..& still she rejects you ..than i am damn sure bro ..she is " NOT "made for love..

Better to marry a tree ..rather than her ..as she will turn out to be a horrible wife whoever gets her !!

(Smile )

# Now some words for the star cast - 

Vicky kaushal..

Haan..yahi hai...yahi hai wo ladka jise katreena mili hai !!..

You watch thousands of videos on You tube on making six pack abs..having good looks..body building ...english speaking ..&  other NON SENCE CRAP to impress a girl...

... &  then watch vicky kaushal  !! 

...average lower middle class looks & physique when he was playing  movie " Masaan'"

& then you watch the movie  " URI "...

I was supersized  to see " URI " ...as for a very long time i was not able to guess this was the same guy i watched in Massan ..

What a transformation bro...

For all those boys who thinks they are born with average middle class looks , lean/malnutrition  body ..HAVE HOPE NOW..

How to transform yourself to look like a soldier ..

learn ......there is no shortcuts other than hard work for success !!

 (Haan..yahi hai...yahi hai wo ladka jise katreena mili hai !!..)



Director - Frank  Coraci

Revolution studios /Cloumbia pictures

Story writer - Steve Korean / Mark O' Keefe  ..(  hats off for both of you !! )

There are thousands of movies made in the world , but only few make the way to your heart...

" Click " is one of those few jewels , that will re call  our mind - why we are in rat race ??..where do we want to reach ??...

Its a beautiful story of time traveling , that may change your heart forever ...after watching click  you will never take your family & kids " FOR GRANTED "...

" click" is  a teacher !! .... it teaches us that  our real happiness is our family...our loved ones  & nothing else  in this world will fill their place if they are taken back from us...

Must watch this mind blowing academy award winner movie starring Adam sandler & Kate beckinsale...

Love you Adam...as always !!


Director - Laxman Utekar

Netflix original movies

Story writer - Rohan shankar / Laxman utekar (co writer) 

Another magical heart touching story by Netflix  after my hard favorite     " Maska "...

After a long time a movie that  really made me almost cry in second half !!..

I was really fascinated to see Kriti sanon as a surrogate mother in the movie...really  she has proved that even with damn good looks , she has more to reveal to the world - A hardcore artist , who is  still underrated in Indian cinema ...but believe me kriti..you did the character damn great ...i even could not think of blinking my eyes watching you in whole movie.....Beauty with artistry !!!!

The director did a great Job - there is no " Jabardasti ka hero " in the movie..as the script demanded to focus on motherhood  !!

& our own - Mr. Pankaj tripathi...

Bhai ye banda  apni har movie me sabhi characters se aage nazar aata hai...pankaj made the first half of the movie full of loud laughter !!

And how can i forget Mr. A.R .Rahman - His music became cherry on the cake.....must  listen " Rihayee de "..what a beautiful song , with deep meaning in lyrics !!

Must watch this with your family .. it will move deep inside your heart !!


Director - Nagesh kukunoor

Drishyam films

You may have seen many movies on travel, but believe me this travel story of two kids from  desert land of Rajasthan  is great motivator that if you wish from heart ..dreams really come true !!..

Watch great child artists  Hetal & Krrish  travel long in search to meet bolywood star  shahrukh khan..

Angrezi medium..

Director - Homi adajania

Maddock films

Hello ......can we have award bigger than oscar ????

Some wish words - 

To the director  -  

Homi ..thank you for picturing  father & daughter relationship so beautifully...

To late Irrfan - 

Words are always less for you ..Your eyes will remain in this world till eternity ...

No any actor in the industry can play the character "champaklal "  better than you did in the movie ..


To Radhika madan - 

Yes miss powerhouse..Where were you when i was in my teenage ????

Still even with extra ordinary looks ,you have a very special way of delivering dialogues with mouth shut !!

How greatly you played the character " taarika " ..i am now big fan !!..

To Deepak dobriyal - 

Arre bhai !!... ye aadmi  ne to had hi kar di movie me...

Dear Deepak you proved the bolywood that best talents are still the theater artists...you made me laugh a loud in every scene...if  there is synonym  for supporting actor in the dictionary it is deepak dobriyal..

keep it up...

To  kareen / kiara / jhanvi / anushka / annya / alia / kriti / & katrina -

I know none of you did " kudi nu nachne de ' song for money !!.. it was magic of the movie that magnetized you all..

Thanks  to understand the real message of the movie  apart from entertainment-----> Women empowerment & social justice to the child  !!

...& This is my favorite scene in the movie..

** Disclaimer - " Above thoughts & reviews are my personal angles for the movies...although it all depends on your personal choices and tastes...still we love to here from you any more movie that can find place here ...Email us.."

                                                                                                                              -- kapil

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