" Margdarshan "

Career counseling & help  )

" This section includes our small efforts of providing information for students to choose their dream career in life , providing special awareness about career options that are available but are less discussed & are different from main streams like Engineering ,medical or MBA "

 # Space scientist /Astronauts 

Have you heard " Sky is the limit ? "...what is more better than actually reaching the sky & walk on the moon !!

Become a space scientist and experience the vast universe with galaxies / stars / satellites & planets !!..

& believe me those who have actually reached space are the normal humans like you & me...its only a matter of choice to " THINK BIG "...

There are two major organizations to have a career as space scientist -

A)      ISRO - Indian space research organization.

B)      NASA- National aeronautics & space administration.

ISRO is located in India & have centers at New Delhi /deharadun/lucknow/Kolkata/shillong/nagpur/hydrabad/tirupati/portblair/shriharikota & many more.

NASA is having main headquarters at washington D.C (USA)

# Rocket science

For every difficult question most of you have heard this scolding from your math teachers - "  its not a rocket science !!..its too simple you can do it ".

yes..rocket science is meant to be a really complicate science , but for those who dare to pursue this as a career ..the rewards are really like life on a rocket !!

# Aircraft maintenance services

This is also a great rewarding career , not only we are having government owned  aircraft used for defense but number is increasing for private jets / private airplanes for traveling in country as well.

As such to maintain these planes & aircraft , professionals are in high demand .

# Merchant navy

NO..its really very different from our defense services and often misunderstood as apart of naval forces.

Merchant navy is completely different area of career where ships are used for commercial purpose of moving goods (cargo)among different countries via sea routes like export /import items.

The career is great with high paying jobs along with luxurious life of traveling around the world .

# Air force  /Army/Navy defense services 

Yes !!...here comes the bravery.

A service because of which i am alive to write here & you are alive to read this today !!

Really this CAN NOT be called a job but its a passion to live a life one step above making just a living !!

Perfectness & discipline in everything....living with highest of respect...feeling of a protector...strength of a steel heart...adventure sports like paragliding /parasailing/shooting/water sports/horse riding & best of all -  " the chivalry  " !!...what is not offered by defense services !!....great career !!

Remember the soldiers are not meant to die...they are a  '"  force to kill the evil  " !!

life is not sure for anyone on this earth..thousands of us die daily of accidents /heart attacks/cancer/pandemics/diseases...then why not to choose bravery instead of begging for jobs on mercy of government.

Life is calling ...

Once a soldier ...always a soldier !!

# Commercial pilot

With a growing need of transport there are increasing number of passenger airplanes /private charted planes where private pilots are needed by airlines .They are commercial pilots , a highly paid & challenging career.

# Air hostess

Its really NOT a "  yes sir.. or how may i help you service " ...like shown in movies, its really a very very rewarding career with high pay along with an opportunity to travel the whole world without waiting for planning a holiday separately.

Air hostess services are dominated by females but even male crew is there at airplane so we have  various services and employment opportunities for men as well.

# Florist

Yes dear... some jobs are really like experiencing heaven on the earth !!...& that too everyday !!

A florist  job is one like that ..

Selling flowers / flower buckets / floral smelling liquids / perfumes etc. is joy in itself daily .

Have some knowledge of fresh cut flowers & find a good corner to sell them...that's it !!

# Medical transcription

Its really a less heard  & available career in only metro or big cities  like banglore/hydrabad /delhi /mumbai etc. till few years ago.

But since its is based on internet , now a days even a student sitting in a village with internet set up & medical transcription certification ,  can earn extremely high income by this profession (mostly in dollars /euros /pounds etc.)

A medical transcription understands & convert in print prescriptions ( written form) that is dictated (said on speech ) by a doctor or a health worker from any where.

In this internet world , we can even  have treatment from a doctor sitting in other country or any part of the world. The medical language or diagnosis reports /treatment that is dictated by a doctor in his country's language is then understood by a medical transcription specialist  and converted to prescription in local language of patients via speech recognizing software  or simply printing on a printer.

The best part about this profession is that , since there is time difference of day & night , it can be done part time at night in India when there is day time in USA based doctor, dictating a treatment 

...& believe me if you become an expert with your experience & knowledge , the income is huuuuuuge......in a very short time !!!!

# Horticulture 

There is high importance nowadays to be  surrounded by greenery & plantation both at  our working place & homes. The horticulturists are there for this job. They are hired in EVERY industry & government offices/parks/resorts etc.

I strongly believe a gardener is the happiest person on this earth who is making even money for what he loves to do.

If you are passionate about greenery , go for it...as the so called "maali"  now have a designation in corporate industries as GM (general manager) with good salary package.

Moreover a horticulturist may earn by providing services for plant nursery /landscape development at various resorts /malls/personal homes etc. 

# Food dietitian 

Our daily work schedule has left no time for us to prepare special recipes that our dadi , nani use to make for long hours in order to make our body healthy .

Hence in this fast moving world we need instant information of food that contain proper nutrients for us for minimum of preparation.

Everyibody is different , a diet suitable for one may not appropriate for another body for its own digestive powers ,hence we need specialist for every different problem in body to provide proper diet and results accordingly. 

food dieticians are there on this job , and in most of the metro city hospitals they are hired on a good salary,  even nowadays in homes & companies there services are needed to make employee and their families healthy...

The best part of this Job is ..whenever you are sick  you know very well what you did wrong ..haa haa...

# Environment scientists

This profession may seems out of main stream in present time but believe me , at the speed we are careless about our environment and destroying it each day by air/water/noise & land pollution, the day is not far away when an environment scientists will be treated as a regular doctor for diseases.

They are mostly hired in government public sectors/wildlife services & in industries to treat harmful waste disposals etc.

# Food technologist/food inspectors

Have you seen an "Agmark " sign on all food items ??...a circle in center surrounded by square & colour green...

yes that's the control sign from government authorities to ensure that each item you are purchasing and eating is good for your health and not toxic or harmful for your body by any means.

The food technologists & food inspectors are hired for this job , their job includes inspection of edible items & provide certification & approvals to pass goods to eat .

Even a non packed items needs to pass inspection from them to ensure safety of public.

With a growing population & more and more new companies entering the food sector , food inspectors & technologists  are in good demand .

# Indian forest( IFSC ) services / wildlife services

They are the class one officers , hired after passing and IFSC EXAM to take care of our natural resources /forest & wildlife protection & its  development.

Remember that movie 3 Idiot ..." farhan"  , who always wanted to become wildlife photographer and frustrated with engineering ??

I recommend all " farhans"  from the heart to join national level IFSC services ...why??

kyoki phir aap ka ghar bhi chota nahi hoga..gaadi bhi choti nahi hogi ...aur kisi bhi dost se peecche rah jaane ki tention bhi nahi hogi...

Acchi salary se life settle..aur bhai weekends pe dil bhar ke wildlife photograpy bhi kar lena !!

  " farhan " :  "  Ha Papa  ab me IFSC ki services hi join karuga " ...(smile)

# Charted accountant

..............................................& here comes the money man !!

The service class is sick of  paying taxes..instead of managing it themselves they simply prefer to get services from the charted accountants to manage all their taxes /savings & investments .

Money is  what we all are working hardly & want to get each single rupee work for us ...we may need financial advice of a professionals , who is " Mr. charted accountant"..

CA's are in high demand as in growing economy each business needs this expert.

The best part is that the CA's have equal opportunity to work as freelancer instead  being in a job & can make high bucks of money as per their expertise.

But bro..it is not easy to be a CA..you need to pass a very high number of papers & exams for a very long duration..that sometimes seems never ending.. ( WOOF ..thank god , i  did not chosen CA......engineering took me four long years ..this could have taken my entire life to pass the last semester !! ...smile)

If you have high patience..& money or a dollar symbol is always in your eyes like  " uncle scrooge ".. and you really have no connection with the  idiot organ heart ...than go for it ..money man !!.

...we will meet again when you start hearing voice from your heart in your older age ...

# Banking services

Banking services  provide equal opportunities in both government & private sector.

For a very long duration this profession has been a favorite job of  large number of people as it provides a number of opportunist to work as IT manager /loans services /receptionists/guards/clerks/branch manager/desk services etc. all under one roof , so an individual finds many opportunities to work in bank as per his /her expertise.

Although nowadays government banks have high competition with private bank and are doing their best to attract customers , but still government bank employees enjoy more perks and freedom compared to a private bank employee.

(Few years ago or today also in some banks (bank name you guess yourself )  the government bank employee is to be treated like a king in order to get your work done )

yaha sign karao...waha sign karao..tabel no 4 pe jaao ..phir tabel no. 4 wala aapko tabel no 5 pe bhejega..tabel to tabel ..tabel to tabel........are bhai..ab to tabel bhi khatam ho gayi ab kya bank ke bhaahar chala jaun??...( smile )

Thank god internet banking has been introduced...warna hum itni badi population ke saath bank me    " tabel tabel  " khelte rah jaate  !! ( smile )


Love to have the " laal & neeli batti " on your car ??

Indian administrative & Indian police services are there for you .

In fact i think these services should to be pursued by most of the youngsters of our country.

India is now one of the  youngest  country in the world , we need young blood in administration to make changes in society and help the nation along with our defense forces inside the borders.

Believe me corruption in politics can only be cleaned by moving inside it & by becoming a part of the system !!....we can change the destiny of the nations if we put young generation at the most  in civil services ...& its for sure ..

Yes ...Competition is tough , but the rewards are phenomenal...

There is large number of population that fight for civil services in the country.

Shoot for the moon..you may land up with stars at least..

Best of luck, the nation is calling you ...

# Radiologists

A trained radiologist is demanded in every hospital and private radiology centers.

In today's world even a best of best doctor need help of X-rays & MRI imaging to understand  status of medical problem , hence radiologists are hired both in private and government hospitals .

This profession has good career scope as after one time investment and initial cost recovery of the X-ray /imaging  machines , the profits are very high and are for lifetime .

# Animation film voice over artist

That's i call a really beautiful career with great fun and satisfaction for what you are doing.

Its for those who love mimicry & can talk in many different voices.

Nowadays a voice over artist is not only hired in animation films /kids movies but is in high demand in Hindi or other language dubbed holy wood movies as well.

You will be surprise to know a single person can have more than five  different type of voices in many animation movies. 

# Animation film makers

A animator job looks easy but is really tough  ...even for making a ten minutes animation movie it may take months ...really a creative platform..

Animation film makers are technically sound with animation software with a vision of a director to make the characters live on screen.

The rewards are great with money and fame..

# Radio jockey /video Jockey

A talent with good voice is for radio jockey & along with good looks is for video jockey.

A jockey is a person who lets the audience connected throughout the program.

Money may not be much, but you will surely love and enjoy your job EACH DAY !! 

# Photographer

Every one loves to click selfies...but it needs good talent & knowledge to have a simple clicked photo to look great & awesome (& by talent i mean not by applying beauty filters in your mobile "dumbo" !! )

...that's the work of a photographer..

Good photographers are in high demand in magazine companies/ wedding events/ newspaper industries /print shops etc.

But if  you are extremely talented , you will be  clicking photos in big fashion events and could be earning in lacs..

Jaao " farhaan "...jee lo apni jindagi ..(smile)

# Graphic designer

" What you see here is all graphics " ...

Yes.. a graphic designer is the person who transforms boring text and images on websites into beautiful graphics /patterns/ live movement of images (GIF's)  with the help of designing graphics software..

Graphic designers are in high demand in gaming industry /personal website builders along with local businesses like marriage card printing /corporate websites /portfolio making/ plan layout of real estates /3-D modelling of colony /flats /society etc.

even government jobs are there for this profession.

its really a cool & fun filled job ...along with good money you have feeling of an artist to make something creative and beautiful everyday...

# Footwear designer

Reebok /Nike /Puma...yes these are the trendsetters without which most of  us give EXCUSES of not to exercise  !!

Footwear is a big industry ..& what will you find NEW  in a shoe next month  ??

its the design ...

Talented designers are in high demand in shoe industry & the demand is ever growing as other good  players like  Campus / sketchers/Asian /Bata/Action etc. are giving a tough competition in design to Reebok & Nike.

In order to meet this demand a complete institute devoted to footwear technology is already there for students to get employed in this industry with high paying jobs & to establish their own business .

# Automobile designer

Cars ..cars..cars...so many cars on the road !!

All have for wheels ..but what is eye catching ??..

Its the design of the car!!

The automobile designers are there to have something new on same four wheels every year.

Since the car itself is a costly items , a talented designers is always needed to have some more good looks to make more money.

& remember this profession has great opportunity in the country & abroad with more & more key players like TESLA /LAMBORGHINI /PORSCHE/BMW/AUDI etc. ready to pay you in lacs of rupee /dollars.

# Textile designer

Roti /kapda aur makaan is a prime necessity of we humans ...but now this "NORMAL KAPDA" has changed into a fashion statement just from necessity to great looks costing in lacs !!

To make a simple  fabric look awesome highly talented designers are required and they are the textile designers..

A skilled textile designer can make raw fabric costing 500 Rs to sale even in thousands !!

textile designers are hired on high salary at big fashion houses like LEVIS  / CRISTY / GUCCHI /RANGNA /POLO /BEETELS / RAYMONDS /REID & TAYLOR/ VAN HEUSEN /PETER ENGLAND /ALLEN SOLLY/ JOHN PLAYERS / SIYARAM'S  etc.

# Psychologist

In the era of watsapp /facebook / Instagram people are becoming only "  virtual social " &  i bet in coming years the science of human psychology & doctors to treat mental disorders  will be in high demand.

Growing expectations / demanding relationships / stressful jobs  & no time to meet physically will need  human psychologists to get practical solutions .

Psychologists are hired in most of the reputed hospitals & even they can work on their own at a very high package.

# Librarian

Ah...dream job of book worms like me !!

A graduate or masters in library science will give you a great career as a librarian.

Most of the government & private schools / colleges hire librarian.

Of course the demand is very less (even the salary)  but if you are lucky to get a job as a librarian , you will definitely have a time to explore the world the way you want !!  

Its really for those who know that there is  " something "  above making just money & know the happiness behind the silence that a library offers - EVERYDAY !!

# Physical education teacher

A sharp mind resides in a healthy body !!

Physical education teachers are demanded in most of the schools nowadays .

To burn out the stress of daily learning , physical activities /games are needed for students in schools.

A good physical education teacher not only help the students to be fit & active & but also enjoy a healthy active life of its own .

Getting paid for being healthy -good naa !!

# Physiotherapist

Most of the medical problems in the world  ends us with a surgery now  a days !!

After surgery body needs professional help to regain strength and movement ....Physiotherapists are there for this job.

Every orthopedic hospital  hire physiotherapists on high salary ...the best part is you do not need to work for anyone and can have your own clinic .

# School teacher

This is definitely the most respectable profession on this earth !!

In my opinion very one of us at any part of the life must become a teacher - not for the money but to give light to someone in need ..

Its only a teacher who can dare to scold or even punish the prime minister of the country " in public " if he is  his student !!

No matter how rich we become in life later ..we are always poor in front of our teachers ..that's the beauty of this profession...

We are one of the youngest country in the world ...the demand of teachers all over the world is huge .

Dare to have command over your subject and world is open for you...

There is no barrier & boundaries now in the age of  internet  & online teaching is the future !!

# Tutor

A freelance teacher is the tutor !!

High competition in education now a days created a great demands of private tutors to provide students personal attentions in academics .

What good about becoming a tutor is -   you decide your salary as per your skills  !!

# Fire services

Emergencies can happen any time ...

professionals are needed to keep the situation in control and save life.

Fire services have scope of jobs in government as well as private organizations  as now it is mandatory to have skilled trained fire fighters in each and every place where there are large group of people working .

# Optician

An optician is a person who checks the vision of eye and fits or recommend eye glasses accordingly.

Every eye doctor needs optician in his hospital.

As the number of screen time on TV & mobile is increasing  day by day , the problems related to eye are also increasing, so the scope and career of an optician is great in coming future.

# Dairy farmer /dairy business

Milk is the necessity for poor & the rich equally !!

Since the demand is huge and supply is very very less , so this profession has great potential in country  INDIA , which is the highest consumer of milk and milk products in the whole world.

Do you know what is the best thing about this profession ??..

You do not have to search for your customers to sell your product , the customers search for you & give you the business !!!!

In my opinion this is the only profession by which we can create high employment opportunities in our country and can rule the world.

# Jewelry designers

Jewellery designers are hired by jewelers & fashion houses on a good package.

Diamonds /gold /platinum metals itself cost very high , but a combination of good design make them masterpiece.

If you are creative in designing , this is definitely  a good career for you.

# Fashion designers

Now a days , no one wants to look simple .. clothes /accessories /shoes etc. all needs to be great.

Fashion designers set the trend what to wear & look awesome ..

Best part of this profession is even with a good opportunities in big fashion houses, you may set up your own boutique or a brand of yourself !!

# Audiologists

You love music ...& you love wearing headphones /earphones whole day ..right !!

..Dear you will soon be needing an audiologist !!

Yes an audiologist job is to check if there is any issue in your listening quality in your ears.

They check both your ears are working properly /equally or if there is any pain due to any medical problem in ears.

This is also a very promising career as day by day increasing sound pollution and use of electronic gadgets like earphones for very long duration leading to medical problem in human ears & needs frequent checkups & diagnosis.

# Forensic scientist 

Thanks to Bollywood movies & crime based  TV shows ,that this term " forensic"  now do not need any introduction !!

The forensic scientist /professional helps to get evidence after any  crime like fingerprints matching /human DNA testing / blood sample analyses etc. that helps in getting conclusion about suspected person .

Forensic scientists are employed in police forces , army ,navy ,air force, forensic labs & have very good career opportunities as per expertise.

# Pharmacists

A pharmacists sells medicines prescribed by doctors & have to be graduate in pharmacy science certification . 

This is also a very good career option as to get self employed along with an opportunity of good jobs in government hospitals , private doctor's clinics /pharmacy shops  etc.

Along with knowledge of medicines , a pharmacists also have a very unique quality that ONLY  he can UNDERSTAND &  READ the " hibru" language in which doctor have written prescription !! ..even an IIT pass out can not "decode" what Mr.doctor writes & what  Mr.pharmacists understands !!

Remember that urdu phrase -  " banda likhe aur allah banche " ...it fits on the doctors & the pharmacists !!...ha.. ha..

# Speech therapists

There are large number of people who are born with difficulties in speaking , or have issues like stammering ,unclear voice ,broken speech etc.

They are diagnosed and treated by the speech therapists .

Speech therapists are employed in ENT hospitals in both government and private sectors.

People take it very seriously if their child learns to talk very late or have any medical problem in speech , hence the career is very good with opportunity of getting self employed is high.

# Marriage counselor

It is very strange in our rich cultured country like India ,that nowadays we need marriage counselors !!

Back in 1980's until  there were joint families  ,this  type of counselor did not existed or were limited to only metro cities, but now a days ,since there are broken families with no elders ,there is high need of chancellors to save marriages .

Day by day growing expectation / work life imbalance / Job uncertainties & unemployment  among couples is leading to high divorce rate in the country .

We really need marriage counselors in every corner of the society just like the mobile recharge shops everywhere to save marriages & family relationships.

Marriage counselors are trained in dealing problems in relationships , have awareness about laws & even some have  degree like human Psychiatry.

# Dermatologists

They are the specialists in treating problems of skin, hair & nails .

Our skin is the outermost organ of body that is most affected by the  pollution , heat & dust.

As the pollution is increasing , the scope of dermatologists and demand is also increasing.

While a doctor only treats you the best .....but even with some other good certification course and experience , a skin clinic can be set up & you do not have to work too hard to become a  certified dermatologist .

# Pathologists/lab technicians

They diagnose blood /urine /skin tissues etc ,to help a doctor about the status of disease.

Demand is high in both government & private sector. As you know there is NO DOCTOR who can check your pulse and say you have '"that"  disease bro  !!!........

It needs a proper checking , diagnosis by pathologists / lab technicians with X-rays ,radio imaging like MRI reports, blood sample reports  etc., to come to a conclusion about a  problem to get final correct treatment.

So the demand is huge & career is good with expertise.

# Call center /BPO & KPO  services

This career is fastest adopted among teenagers /young students /fresh pass outs due to its life culture and minimal requirement of expertise.

Even within a training of two ,three months a person adopts this job and starts earning.

The profession really needs commitment to work for long , talk for long & type for long & the best part is even a 12th class pass out can be hired with less duration of training and can earn good amount.

                                     BPO services (Business process outsourcing )

They  are technical support to customers via tele- marketing ,voice processes ,selling etc.

It helps a business to develop and interact with their customers and solve their issues ,increasing the overall business.

It gives services to client or the customer directly  and help companies to understand their customer needs ,technical problem resolving ,sale promotions etc.

                                      KPO services ( Knowledge process outsourcing )

Its simply a big brother of BPO , but needs more in depth knowledge of the business.

It outsources knowledge based work to qualified subject specialists /field experts & skilled manpower .

It gives services to client company, handles its data , documents, payrolls etc.

Examples of BPO/KPO's in India  - 

Tata consultancy services (TCS)  / Wipro / IBM /Infosys / Accenture  etc.

The career is rewarding with high income as per your expertise without need of any high professional degree or diploma being mandatory.

# Meta physics scientist

OOPS..its difficult to have a career like meta physics in developing country like India , but believe me this branch of science is really thrilling & challenging.

A meta physics professionals studies a completely different type of science like -

1) human existence on earth 

2) unconscious/sub conscious powers of human brain 

3) even magical powers / life after death /nature healing powers .

...in simple terms this  science of psychology is very much different from logic that are defined by we humans on practical ground via the existing theoretical science.

If you believe in God or the evil then study this science and discover spectacular powers within you and the nature...

 Hypnotism ( " sammohan vidya ") / Ghost existence / Tero cards /astrology & other human beliefs are better explained by this  interesting nature of study " scientifically " and one can derive logical explanations over superstitions or super natural beliefs in society.

                 Want to experience spine chilling adventures with logic ??....go for meta physics !!!

  # Words of wisdom 

" If you are still unemployed , its not your government's fault.....it's you only who is  NOT willing to work hard & just dreaming to earn big amount on the very first day of your work !! "

" Netaji " can ONLY provide you social security in life or just the information to reach your dream , it is you yourself  who need to workout for everything you need !!

Every one of us must know what our government is doing for us..

Below link is a small step to get ware towards your dream...

Click below & explore ....