"                        Laughter " -The best Medicine

                                                  This page is " The Real me "...

I always feel the funny bone in me...the real side of me , i feel complete when i laugh & make the other people laugh with me !!

Do you know fact that only humans can laugh out of all living beings on earth !!..

God has blessed us with this beautiful emotion ..cherish this everyday !!

a day gone without laughing is a day gone forever from our life...& what's the best part behind laughing is ??... 

" its FREE..."

life is short ...really short...so laugh a loud & love all..

A lovable quote -

Always remember , " aap duniya me aaye hai ..aapko aasman se phenka nahi gaya hai !! " 

 ...so find the purpose of your existence in this earth and spread love...

Live ..laugh..enjoy friendship & do not forget to give back something beautiful to the nature & environment !!

                                                                 ----  kapil