Utpaati bandar

 (The Jumping monkeys)

Recently i found an interesting story of monkeys on the boat...

Once a teacher and a politician were traveling in a boat with some monkeys.

The monkeys kept on jumping here & there and due to this the boat was shaking up & down.

The politician kept on instructing the monkeys to calm down but they did not listen and kept jumping.

At the middle of the river , the monkeys started throwing things on boat on each other.The politician understood that if monkeys continued to jump the boat may sink down .So he gave them some sweets ,but the monkeys continued to jump in the small boat.

The politician then asked the teacher "why are you not telling monkeys to calm down & sit quietly??"

The teacher smiled and came near the monkeys .He than started throwing each monkeys in the river one by one.The monkeys now were struggling to breathe in the river, they all came back into the boat.

Now all monkeys were sitting quietly in the corner of the boat !!

The teacher than said to the politician ," see netaji  ,you have requested  &  even threatened the monkeys a number of times but they did not listened to you, but when i threw them in the river they were struggling for life AND UNDERSTOOD THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS SMALL BOAT SAILING IN THE RIVER...so now they are sitting quietly at the corner.

Did you get the point in the story ????

The boat is our country "INDIA"...The monkeys are the people , who " live in" the country and are constantly criticizing it .

These monkeys should be thrown for one or two years in China/Mongolia & other Arabian countries , so that when they come back to India they will sit quite.

"Muft me mili aazaadi par  hi aaj aadmi  itara raha hai....ek baar phir se gulam hoke dekho, iski keemat samazh me aa jayegi...

                        Jai Hind !!                                                  

 @ Anonymous story edited by - kapil verma

  (facilitator - team heartshop )