Support a street vendor

According to the Economic Survey (2018-19), 93% of the total workforce in India is from the unorganized sector. The total workforce in the country is 45 crores. Out of this, 93 percent i.e. the number of people working in the unorganized sector of the country is about 42 crores (they include street vendors selling panipuri/vegetables /home use items /handicrafts etc. on the roads & at market footpaths without a shop.

These are the people who are most affected by natural crises like floods, heavy rainfall, earthquakes & other pandemic situations like covid-19 (lock downs)

We at "theheartshop" took a small step to help these street vendors by giving them business with the people's efforts FREE OF COST...

We have started sharing small street vendors contact number (with their permission) & their area of service so that the people nearby can contact them for item they sell, instead of purchasing from big malls & shops.

As such they get the business & people helping them get the convenience of nearby delivery along with a satisfaction of helping someone in need.

(We are doing this at our nearby places may also share contacts & service area of small street vendors (with their permission) near you on WhatsApp /FB among your friends and relatives so the people around you can help them) ......Believe me awareness & information can change someone's family life forever...

     & the reason will be..... YOU!!


 During a vacation to visit science museum Vadodara (Gujarat) , i stayed at a friend's house in a building for some days. At the back of building , i noticed a poor lady with her daughter was making very beautiful photo frames with only small ice-cream sticks & simple thick white thread,the craft was so amazing ,that i could not resists myself to buy one for me. I asked her how much she earn a day by selling the craft ?... she said " Sir around 150 to 200 Rs per day .One photo frame cost to me 10 Rs & i sell it for 15 Rs.... " My daughter also helps me to deliver this to homes  " IF " someone reaches us "

The word "IF " shook me !! ..Such a beautiful hand made craft & earning a day only 150 Rs !! 

Luckily after some days i  visited a big shopping mall where i found same photo frame craft , sold at Rs. 35 each !!

I inquired mall management where do they find these?..they told some people make them near a bus stand ..we buy it for Rs.20 each.

I thought if people are ready to buy it for Rs. 35 , why that poor lady is suffering with low sales...

Next day, i reached her again & asked why you do not sell directly to malls ? she said i can only reach people i know or who can see me sitting near this building ..

I called my friend to print some A4 page with image of the craft with a selling cost Rs 30 & address where the lady was sitting .We pasted that near  all five building lifts (escalators ) ,so that every one in the building should be aware of where those beautiful crafts are available.

Later after around 4 month , i heard  from my friend that the  lady is earning around 300 -400 Rs each day.

Did you get the point  here ??..

I have NOT helped her by giving money or by buying her craft for a bigger it could have helped her only for a single day !!...

" tried " only by making  the people aware & fortunately it does worked.

Please try to be a bridge between demand & supply ...spread awareness for small street vendors ...You may never know how many lives you can change!!

        Way is always there ...ACT & DO     SOMETHING!!