Bird feeding in ancient vedas

Why do we need to feed, look & believe in birds??

According to our ancient Indian Vedas, the human spirit (human soul or aatma) never dies, it only moves from one body to another. Some literature says when a human body dies, the first body that it moves into is the birds.

There is also a belief that when some of our very loved one passes away from family. & when we strongly believe his/her presence around us after his's the truth that he/she is still " there" around us because of the strong bonding that we human share with our loved ones.

Do you know in what form our loved comes back to bless us ??'s the birds!!

Birds are the only creature, that loves to live around humans. 

Our loved ones come back see us in form of birds!!

So next time when you see an innocent house sparrow, trying to enter your home or any bird watching you with its eyes...  believe may be your loved one came back to see you & bless you with all of its heart!!

   #  & for those who believe only in science...

God has made this world so beautifully that if every living creature respect this ecosystem we will have enough food, shelter & happiness in abundance on this earth.

It's we the humans who made our life complicated & forgot the divine fact.

                         " !! vasudev kutumbakam !!  " ...

For those who do not believe in re-birth, there is also a strong scientific proven fact that should motivate us to feed & love the birds.

here it is - 

Psychologist says we human feel good when we watch birds. Chirping sound of birds is best rejuvenating sound in the world...for the peace of mind.

 So, from today...find a pot .... fill it with water & keep it hanging in your balcony ....

 " A thirsty bird will surely bless you !! "

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