T@ke care

Well said - "Sachcha Sukh  hai Nirogi Kaya "...

Its ok to earn a lot of money for your needs & luxury, but if your health is not well than that all that money is a waste.

Always keep your health on first priority in life...as when you are fit & healthy, only then you will be going to enjoy all good things in life.

People often make a mistake in their early age, when they are most energetic in life, they keep their health aside and keep themselves so busy making money that until they realize some serious issues entered their body...they are too late!!

Health & happiness is not a destination ...it's a journey that moves along with whole of our life !!

Anyone can teach you how to be " physically fit " .. but being mentally fit is your own choice ...do remember - a healthy mind resides only in a healthy body. 

So, start loving " yourself " first....... to love the world around you!!

-----------------------T@ke care---------------------

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